Monthly Events

GERO Interdisciplinary Graduate Trainee Reading Group
Meets Monthly

Each month the co-leads and trainees meet to discuss a journal article or book chapter related to a trainee’s research.
The trainee leads the interdisciplinary group in a discussion on the article, and reflects on the greater application and implication for GERO research. The trainee then writes a blog post reflecting key points brought up in the meeting in order to share the discussion with people outside of the group.

Read Laura’s blog post from the July Reading Group


Past Events

Family Councils in BC: From Individual to Collective Advocacy in Long-term Care
October 23, 2017

Making SENSE with Families in Long Term Care: A Knowledge Translation Intervention Study
July 12, 2017

A presentation on a recently completed study involving knowledge translation intervention. SENSE (Support, Education, Networking & Sustained Engagement) is a pilot project for workshops that are co-created with families and friends of someone who is in long term care.

The Impact of Visual Art for People With Dementia in Transitional Care

Mike Wilson (FHA), Landon Mckenzie (Emily Carr University) and Alison Phinney (UBC) will be presenting their research collaboration that has examined how paintings can help those with dementia locate themselves within a building and other impacts of the artwork in the space
Dr. Alison Phinney
December 1, 2015       

Central City, Surrey

First Steps in Career Building for Emerging Researchers

First Steps in Career Building for Emerging Researchers from UBC Nursing on Vimeo.

This talk will focus on key elements of starting to build a career as a researcher. Dr. Baumbusch will draw upon examples from her own career pathway to provide realistic illustrations of how to maximize opportunities to engage in research career related activities.

BIO: Jennifer Baumbusch directs a research programme on health care delivery and nursing practice with older adults. Her focus is particularly in long-term residential care, family contributions to care delivery, well-being among individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, and knowledge translation.
Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch
Nov 12, 2015
UBC Hospital

Here Comes the Boom: The Pivotal Role of Nursing in Seniors Care

The aging population is not “new” news. Yet we continue to see media reports, policy papers, and research studies that point to the inadequacy of healthcare services to meet the needs of older adults. In this presentation, Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch presents findings from her program of research that consider ways to improve access and quality of care for this population and the pivotal role that nursing needs to take in leading the way forward
Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch
Sept 22, 2015
UBC Hospital