CIHR Chair

Negotiating Care and Navigating Health Services: The Experiences of Community-dwelling People Living with Dementia and their Family Caregivers

Currently, people living with dementia in Canada are highly reliant on caregivers and high-cost healthcare services (hospitals, long-term care homes). Over 90 percent of Canadians with mild dementia live in the community as opposed to an institution, but this drops to 49.6% of those living with moderate dementia and drops again to 13.9% of those with advanced/severe dementia. However, we know that the long-term care system cannot accommodate the level of need, nor do most people living with dementia want to move into a long-term care home. Already, there are over 50,000 Canadians in hospital beds awaiting placement. For those who do live at home, much of their care is provided by caregivers who are family and friends. The research associated with this Chair aims to better understand how to adapt and integrate community-based health and social care services for people living with dementia.

Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch is the CIHR Chair in Sex and Gender Science with a focus on the Dynamics of Caregiving in an Aging Society (2020 – 2024)

This CIHR Chair focuses on a) sex and gender science research, b) methodological advances in sex and gender science and c) capacity building.