GERO website photoSarah Wu


Sarah completed a Master’s degree in Gerontology in the Department of Gerontology at SFU. Her research interests include dementia care in long-term care settings, the influence of person-centered care and the physical environment on mealtime experience of residents with dementia. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Waterloo.

Sarah worked as a research assistant on the TAVI Study, the AWAKE Study and the HEARTS Study.


Isabel Sloan Yip

BA, PBD, MSW (Cand.)

Isabel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (SFU) and a Post-Baccalaureate in Art History (UBC) as well as a Certificate in Urban Studies (SFU). Prior to joining the GERO team Isabel worked extensively in First Nations Art and volunteered in long-term care.

Isabel works as a research assistant on the IDEAL Study,  the AWAKE Study, the SENSE study, and the Family Councils Study.