2020 Symposium | Navigating the Tempest: Nursing Practice during COVID-109

This companion event to the 2020 Marion Woodward Lecture gives perspectives on nursing education, in long term care and geriatric health, in general practice and ICU, from the Ministry of Health in BC and the English NHS.
Panelists: Jennifer Baumbusch, Vini Bains, Natasha Prodan-Bhalla (BC Ministry of Health) and Yvonne Coghill
Moderator: Farinaz (Naz) Havaei


COVID-19 and Family Perspectives on Living with Dementia: A Panel Discussion on Understanding and Working Through the Challenges of Community Lockdown, While Staying Active, Connected and Safe

A webinar where guest speakers share their experiences of how COVID-19 has affected the family unit. Guest speakers will also share practical tips as well as some community resources available for supporting people living with dementia and their families either living in the same household or from a distance.