The GERO Research Team strives to engage with the community through presentations, forums and events.

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Unpaid family/friend caregiving: Strategies for Mobilizing an Equitable Health Promotion Approach: Webinar Panel of Speakers, Healthy Aging Collaborative Online Resources and Education (CORE) Canada, July 6 2023

This webinar focuses on strategies for mobilizing an equitable health promotion approach in order to support the wellbeing of unpaid family and friend caregivers.


Who knows? Essential Care Partners Do: Webinar Panel of Speakers, Healthcare Excellence Canada, October 2021

The goals of this virtual discussion are to build an understanding of the importance of Essential Care Partners and to consider the lessons learned through this pandemic where the negative impacts as a result of their absence has been clear.

Healthcare Excellence Canada: Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) (October 25 to October 29, 2021)


Presentation at the Dunbar Community Centre, November 3, 2016:

In this lecture, we considered the current landscape of long-term care facilities in British Columbia and discussed how family members and residents can navigate their roles and rights in this setting. Dr. Baumbusch presented some key areas of interest, such as communication with staff and administrators, the role of care conferences, and advance care planning.


Presentation to the IDEAL study participants: September 2, 2015

Data collection for the IDEAL Study started at Site 1 in April 2014 and is ongoing until September 2015. Findings from Site 1 were shared with residents, family and staff through an Interim Report and a presentation given by research staff at a themed dinner night at the facility. Two more facilities will be included before the study ends in 2017.

Denise and Resident September Bistro 2015

Denise Speech September 2015 Bistro Night


Nursing Rounds: September 2015
Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch

The aging population is not “new” news. Yet we continue to see media reports, policy papers, and research studies that point to the inadequacy of healthcare services to meet the needs of older adults. In this presentation, Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch presents findings from her program of research that consider ways to improve access and quality of care for this population and the pivotal role that nursing needs to take in leading the way forward.